Our work priorities

To achieve our objectives, our work focuses in particular on the following priorities:

Anti-discrimination and equality 

  • Improving the European Union, Council of Europe and United Nations legal framework to ensure older people can enjoy their human rights as any other citizens (EU equal treatment directive, possible UN convention on the rights of older people)
  • Gender equality in old age
  • Multiple discrimination that affect specific groups in old age
  • Dignified ageing for all including the frail and very old, and fighting elder abuse
  • Accessible transport, housing, public space and new technologies, promoting the concept of age-friendly design-for-all

Social protection

  • Supporting longer working lives with quality employment and for all: active ageing, volunteering and life-long learning and cross generational transfer of skills and knowledge
  • Adequate income for all in old age through sustainable pensions and effective social protection against poverty and social exclusion;
  • Universal access to quality and affordable health and long-term care;
  • Promoting initiatives and exchange of good practices that will  enable senior citizens to continue to live independently and safely in their own home and familiar surroundings

Active citizenship

  • Fostering older people’s autonomy and active citizenship
  • Promoting a positive image of ageing and older people’s role and contributions to society
  • Supporting active involvement in European Union, Council of Europe and United Nations policy developments
  • Promoting greater solidarity and cooperation between generations
  • Building AGE and its members’ capacity to respond to new and emerging issues
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