Our key objectives

  • Promote older people’s human rights at EU and international level

While our human rights do not change as we grow older, older persons often face negative attitudes and age discrimination in particular in access to employment, goods and services, financial services, health and long-term care, transport, housing, new technologies, information and education, etc. A key objective is to promote older persons’ human rights at EU and international level to combat the barriers that prevent older people from participating fully in society, including when they are dependent on others for everyday activities and decisions, and to adequately protect them from neglect, abuse and violation of their rights in order to allow everyone to live and age in dignity.

  • Monitor and positively impact  the formulation and implementation of relevant EU socio-economic policies

Major socioeconomic reforms have been introduced to address various shortcomings of the EU growth model and to create the conditions for a different type of growth that should be ‘smarter, sustainable and inclusive’. For AGE, as other social NGOs, a key objective is to challenge the overwhelming focus on economic objectives and push for policies that will support an ‘inclusive growth’ paying due attention to the need of Europe ageing population to ensure that everyone can live and age in dignity as stated in Art. 25 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

  • Promote a positive image of ageing and older people

Demographic ageing is too often perceived negatively and older people described as a burden to society and public budgets. This negative image does not do justice to the huge contributions older people make to society as workers, tax payers, volunteers, informal carers and consumers. A key objective of AGE is to push for a radical change of attitudes to achieve an inclusive society and support greater solidarity and cooperation between generations, including in long term care.

Promote age-friendly environments at grass-root level to support active and healthy ageing

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the physical and social environments are key determinants of whether people can remain healthy, independent and autonomous long into their old age and live in their own homes and communities.  Age-friendly environments (AFE) empower older people to age in better physical and mental health, promote their social inclusion and active participation and help them maintain their autonomy and a good quality of life in their old age. AFE enable older workers to remain at work for longer, lower the pressure on traditional care and assistance and boost the economy through demand for innovative solutions. A key objective of AGE is to promote age-friendly environments as one of the most effective approaches for responding to demographic ageing and increasing the Healthy Life Year expectancy.

  • Improve awareness and knowledge of older people’s rights, concerns and expectations across the European Union and at international level

Through its policy and project work; a key objective of AGE is to improve understanding and knowledge among the relevant policy makers and stakeholders of older people’s diversity in terms of needs, concerns and expectations and the challenges they face in enjoying their rights on an equal basis with other age groups, and to bring positive change. 

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