AGE work on healthy ageing

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1 28 Feb. 2014 Contribution to the consultation of the European Commission on Patient Safety
2 Speech on Quality of Life of Older Europeans
3 Joint Open Letter: Clinical Trials Regulation, Protect public health: Choose transparency!
4 Joint Call - Towards an EU database on Injury
5 AGE - Contribution to the peer review on care needs
6 AGE - Contribution to the consultation on the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020
7 AGE - Contribution to the revision of the clinical trials directive
8 AGE - Contribution to the UN consultation on the right to health of older people
9 AGE Platform Europe - Alzheimer and Dementia
10 AGE - Contribution to the peer review on quality in residential homes
11 European Health Forum Gastein
12 AGE Platform Europe - Women's Health
13 AGE Platform Europe - Madrid Conference on Mental Health and Well-being in Older People
14 AGE Platform Europe - Joint press release on Information to patient
15 AGE - Response to the reflection process launched by the European Commission "Enabling good health for all"
16 AGE - Briefing on the EU Health Policies
17 AGE - Response to Green Paper on nutrition and Physical Activity
18 AGE - Response to Green Paper on Improving Mental Health of the Population
19 AGE - Position Statement on the Development and Use of Medicinal Products for Older People
20 AGE summary review of informal carers issues at national level
21 AGE - Response to the Commission Consultation regarding Community action on health services
22 AGE response to consultation process on the European Union Health Strategy
23 AGE - Joint response to the Consultation of the Commission on the Draft Recommendation on eHealth Interoperability
24 AGE - Joint response on Information to Patients
25 AGE - Joint Briefing e-Health and IT Solutions - Users involvement on EC policies
26 AGE - Joint contribution to the public consultation in view of the 2008/2009 budget review
27 AGE - Response to Consultation on Patient Safety
28 AGE - Rational use of Medicines in Old Age
29 AGE - Joint letter on Information to Patients
30 AGE - eHealth with citizens and with choices
31 AGE - Response to consultation European Commission Work Plan On Health and Consumer Protection 2009
32 AGE- Letter to Commissioner Vassiliou to tackle age limits in access to breast cancer screening
33 AGE - Joint open letter to Commissioner Vassiliou Pharmaceutical Package
34 AGE - Older People Older Migrants and Access to health and long-term care
35 AGE - Response to Consultation on Health Inequalities
36 AGE - Response to Consultation on European Workforce for Health

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