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Being the largest network representing older people in the EU, AGE is often asked to join EU projects to bring the perspective of our members. We only join European projects where our platform can add value, can bring the viewpoint of older people in the discussion and can support the genuine implementation of the principle of user involvement.

The role of AGE in projects varies widely, from leading coordinator to member of the Advisory Board or associated partner, but our objective in all of them is to voice older people’s perspectives, to effectively involve end-users at all stages, and to ensure the main ethical and legal issues are correctly addressed.

AGE involvement in projects as a partner can be:

  • as a member of the Advisory Board where AGE experts are called to provide expertise and direction to a project, to suggest improvements, to assess the evolution of some actions (e.g. the content of deliverables, the implementation of a pilot site, the accessibility of the project...), to provide the peer review of documents, to wider disseminate the project’s outcomes, as well as to discuss the project’s exploitation and sustainability plans.
  • as participant in User Fora, where they meet experts, users, stakeholders and end-users (other older people and/or people with disabilities) for dialoguing with researchers, policy makers and decision-makers, designers and developers.
  • through providing feedback on e.g. deliverables and other documents, project brochures, leaflets, and dissemination materials, where it is important to get the opinion and suggestions from “fresh” and experienced eyes.
  • through disseminating the projects’ outcomes at European level, by presenting them in relevant events (e.g. Institutional conference, public workshops and seminars), by writing articles in our monthly newsletter and dedicated newsflashes, besides working to present projects’ results to organisations of older people, their broader networks, and regional, national and European stakeholders.

AGE is moreover committed to bridge projects and policies activities, especially at European level. AGE indeed feeds the projects’ activities, e.g. by providing insights from the national and European policy perspectives, by presenting inputs, best practices and feedback coming from its experts and members, by highlighting interesting events even at national and regional level, by sending information regarding policy developments and/or raising concerns. In such a way, AGE works for narrowing the gap between the policy areas, the projects and research activities.

AGE’s activities in research projects are fully financed by the projects’ programmes, namely the 7th Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).


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