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  • Générations en fête

King Baudouin Foundation (BE) has launched for the third year its initiative ‘Carrefours des générations’, which is entitled this year ‘Générations en fête’ and will take place on 2 and 3 April 2011.

With this event, the Belgian foundation wishes to highlight the positive impact that an ageing demography can have on social relationship and the need to foster contacts and greater cooperation between generations

60 communities and local associations in Southern Belgium and Brussels will participate in order to raise public awareness, show current action in favour of more intergenerational solidarity and encourage new initiatives.

For more information, please visit:

Or read the King Baudouin Foundation press release and the leaflet of the event

  • The Courage to grow old

The project 'The Courage to grow old' of the city of Deinze (Belgium), supported by the King Baudouin Foundation and the OCMW of Deinze, is a one-year old project aiming at promoting surprising projects by/with older people which share older people's lives and experience and fostering exchanges between the older and younger people. Artists in all subjects will cooperate with Deinze and the neighborhood. The project will end on 29 april 2012 with a big event including a picture exhibition, film, concert, etc.

The project will start in Deinze on 29 April 2011 to mark the EU Day of Solidiarity between Generations. On that occasion, a number of activities involving all generations will be organised: film, debate, music, an intergeneration chain, etc.

More information on the project and the programme of the EU Day event is available in Dutch at:

Or in an article (also in Dutch)

  • Les Midis de l'Intergénération 2011

Workshops and good practice exchanges led and organized by Atoutage in Louvain-la-Neuve

27/04 'Intergénération et Genre'

15/06 'Intergénération, Art et Culture'

For more information:

  • Intergenerational debate

As part of the project OOGPUNT 2012, a joint initiative of JOETZ vzw and S-Plus, an ‘intergenerational debate’ will be organised at Koninklijk Atheneum Zaventem, in Belgium, on 29th April 2011, to mark the EU Day. On that occasion, young and older people will debate four social issues.

OOGPUNT 2012 also has the support of two fine godmothers. Leona Detiège, former mayoress of Antwerp and chairwoman of S-Plus, and Maya Detiège, federal Member of Parliament, will de present as well to stress the importance of this event.

Invitation in English

Invitation in Dutch



  • Open discussion Life course and generations now and in the future


The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged (Finland) has started a new research and practice development project called Life Course and Intergenerational Dialogue, which continues until the end of 2013. The project, which is funded by the Finnish Slot Machine Association (Raha-automaattiyhdistys), aims to bring together people of different ages, to promote particularly older people’s psychosocial wellbeing and inclusion, and to reduce their loneliness and exclusion through increasing intergenerational dialogue. 

As part of this project, the organisation is running a  campaign to promote active public discussion about intergenerational tensions and possibilities of acting together. To kick-start this we will organize an open discussion Life course and generations now and in the future at The Old Student House in Helsinki on the Day of Intergenerational Solidarity, April 29th 2011 at 3 pm.

For more info: project presentation - Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged website



  • Intergenerational walking: 'Y'a pas d'âge pour marcher', 29 April, Besançon

To mark the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations, the French city od Besançon is organising an event inviting all generations to walk together. This year's theme is: nature in the city and sustainable development.

Three guided and commented walks will be proposed to the participants.

More info at:

  • Intergenerational event in Paris

The city of Paris is will also celebrate the EU Day through a number of events (debate, theatre plays, dance shows, etc) related to the interegenerational issue, with this year a stronger focus on employment.

For more information in French:

  • Conference on the European Day, 29 April, Marseille

    ACLAP is also going to organise a Conference to celebrate the third European Day.Please click here to read the programme.



    • Special Promotion Day "Dialogue of Generations in International Youth Work"

    On the occasion of the 3. EU Day of Solidarity of Generations and a part of the PR Campaign of the EU Project "Intergenerationes", a special promotion day will be  organised together by the National Service Agency of Intergenerational Practice in Germany, called Projektebüro "Dialog der Generationen" together with the Kreisau Initiative Berlin e.V.

    Academics, practioners and politicians are invited to discuss the topic (Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Alheit from the Educational Seminar at the University of Göttingen, the head of the devision "Demographic Change" at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. (BMFSFJ) Alwin Proost and participants of European Intergenerational Projects will talk together.)

    For more details see: the programm (in German only) - press release

    The aim of the project "Intergenerationes", funded by the Europe fpr Citizens Programme, is to open up International Youth Work for intergenerational learning programmes.

    For more informations on the project, please visit:



    • National conference on demographic change and intergenerational solidarity in Rome

    In order to celebrate the 3rd European Day of Solidarity between Generation, AGE Platform Italia is organising a Conference in Rome. The President of the Italian Republic will also be present. His speech will cover the following theme: "will demographic change create tensions or solidarity between generations?" The main issues that will be discussed during the conference include demographic crisis, youth unemployment, migration and fairer wealth distribution.

    Programme in Italian



    • Seminar “Solidarity Between Generations”

    CO(OP)RAÇÃO – Social Solidarity Cooperative is organizing a seminar in Lisbon on 28th and 29th April 2011 that contributes to commemorate the European Day of Solidarity between Generations.

    The seminar will focus on solidarity and intergenerational practices and brings together several European organizations. Currently, there is an emerging need to foster intergenerational solidarity to confront demographic changes in Europe, so this meeting will provide a space for learning, reflection and debate, encouraging the creation of innovative projects in the field of intergenerational practices.

    The objectives of the seminar are:

    1. To discuss a relevant topic in the European context and think of solutions to foster intergenerational activities;
    2. To reflect about an area that needs to be further discussed and explored in projects related to intergenerational practice;
    3. To provide basic theoretical and practical tools for professionals, so they can increasingly improve their intergenerational projects;
    4. To promote European youth cooperation around one challenge and support the proposal to make 2012 the European Year of Active Aging and Intergenerational Solidarity.

    The programme of the seminar and the registration form are available at:



    Contest “Looking for dreams”

    To mark the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations, the foundation 'Amigos de los mayores' is launching the contest “Looking for dreams” (Buscamos sueños) with the purpose of promoting dialogue between generations and making participants think about elderly people in their surrounding communities and describe their hopes and dreams.
    The contest is open to public participation. Dreams will be posted on the website created specifically for this event:, where stories will be collected from 29 April to 30 May.

    For more information on this initiative, please contact: Mercedes Villegas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Non EU countries

    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

    Uhe Union of Associations of Pensioners of Macedonia, is planning a number of activities on the occasion of the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations, on 29th April 2011 that will be followed by the local television mediums and our newspaper "Penzioner plus" (in Macedonian only)

    More information in the foundation's online newspaper article (in Macedonian)

    Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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